OUT of Control-- Universal Laws-- Friday Funnies for Automation Professionals #pauto

From Pepperl+Fuchs' Joe Kaulfersch: 

OUT of Control-- sort of. OSECO rupture disks on Mythbusters tomorrow night #pauto

From Rob Dietrich at Halma PR:

Out of Control-- how to be a great writer -- #pauto

From Pepperl+Fuchs' inimitable Joe Kaulfersch:

OUT of Control: Abbott and Costello buy a computer

From our indefatigable humor monger, Joe Kaulfersch at Pepperl+Fuchs:

OUT of Control-- A joke only an engineer (or Dick Morley) would love

A Joke only an Engineer could appreciate:

OUT of Control: Installing Linux on a Dead Badger: User's Notes

One of my friends posted this link from a 2004 article on on his Facebook page. Considering the state of the automation community, we may actually need to know how to do this soon. Enjoy.

OUT of Control-- I'm a survivor

From perennial humor contributor, Joe Kaulfersch of Pepperl+Fuchs:

OUT of Control: An Easter Monday Funny

Dick Morley sent me a joke over the weekend that was so horrific that I have to share.

OUT of Control: if Engineers were in the Bible-- Noah's Ark

Here's a Friday Funny from Joe Kaulfersch, our man at Pepperl + Fuchs:

OUT of Control-- Governmentium, the world's heaviest element

Here’s an “Oldie but Goldie” which is timely considering the stimulus package the President is due to sign tomorrow...