What Shall the #RoyalBaby Read?

There is no doubt that Prince William and Duchess Kate's son will be a well educated child. Who knows, he might take after his father and uncle and join the military, he might decide to go into politics, history or the Arts, but if for some reason he decides to...

Friday Afternoon Link Dump

I'm at it again.  As a public service for those of you who don't get paid to occasionally surf the InterWebs, here are links to a few stories from the process automation world and some other places that you may have missed this week.

Tuesday Morning Good Read

If you're at all concerned about where the next generation of manufacturing workers is going to come from, this white paper from SME might be worth your time. "Workforce Imperative: A Manufacturing Education Strategy" has some good ideas--and some that have been around for a long time, during which nobody seemed...

Mommas, More Ways to Help Your Babies Grow Up to Be Engineers

National Engineering Week is Feb 20-26 this year. Besides buying a drink or sending a flower to your favorite engineer, there are other things you can do to promote the industry and, more to the point, get the young 'uns fired up about the possibility of becoming engineers.

Mommas, Here's Help for Letting Your Babies Grow Up to be Engineers

Came across the item below in my mailbox this morning. The University of Texas El Paso is doing some exciting things in engineering education. UTEP is a place to be watching.

What "enabling the plant of the future" really means #pauto #mfg #manufacturing

I hadn't seen Nancy Bartels' excellent blog post while I was on vacation before I wrote this, which is the draft of my August editorial.

Another Big Gun Does STEM

Sometimes it feels to me like getting the next generation of kids interested in the mundane business of making stuff (i.e., manufacturing) is like bailing the ocean with a teaspoon. How ya gonna get 'em on the factory floor when what they really want to do is design video games,...

Old F*rts Rule! The Legend of Hershel McGriff...NASCAR's Oldest Driver

I've been saying that we have a problem because the automation profession is graying-- we're getting older and fewer people are entering the profession. Maybe we could look to NASCAR for inspiration, with Mark Martin racing at the top of his profession...and then there's Hershel McGriff.

Surfin' the Net, Reeling in Some Good Fish

Trolling in the Web waters this morning between bouts of proofing the June issue of Control and have found some goodies to share.

Automation Grrrls-- Girl Scouts kick tail at FIRST Robotics Competition

Yahoo, go get'em Girl Scouts! From the release: