Free Stuff and Safety Info Too

Hey, it doesn't get much better than that. ISA sent this reminder to my email box this morning. Check it out. SIS training and free CDs. Sweet.

Thinking about taking ISA's CAP exam? Here's something that might move you over the edge on that. #pauto #isa

ISA is offering the CAP study guide free to people who register to take the CAP exam:

Another Automation company does right by STEM #pauto

Please take notice of another good deed by an automation vendor. We need everybody to jump in and do things like this if we want to continue to have people who want to work in automation:

Another Big Gun Does STEM

Sometimes it feels to me like getting the next generation of kids interested in the mundane business of making stuff (i.e., manufacturing) is like bailing the ocean with a teaspoon. How ya gonna get 'em on the factory floor when what they really want to do is design video games,...

Gilsdorf gets alumni honor from Purdue, glass ceiling for women in engineering cracks again

Honeywell's "boilermaker in chief" Norm Gilsdorf is one of nine alumni receiving an award from Purdue University during Engineers' Week. One of the other alumni is another distinguished woman in engineering, Joan Miller, a senior vice president at CH2M-Hill Engineers.

DARPA says lack of scientists and engineers is a matter of national security

According to Katie Drummond in her column posted January 15th on DARPA is becoming concerned that so few wired-up, connected, with-it kids are moving into science and engineering tracks in school. And the numbers are continuing to fall.

Seth Godin strikes again: Comfort the frightened, coach the clueless and teach the uninformed.

Seth Godin's blog today talks squarely to the point of why it takes so beastly long to get corporate change....and that's not just in the automation industry either, although we're one of the worst and longest to hold on to legacy systems.

Bright Minds: Making young people interested in engineering and manufacturing


You can't expect to change your team if you don't change yourself

In a thought provoking article on Monday, posted on, Jim Clemmer says "You Can't Build a Team Different from You."