High School Engineering

I promoted this from a comment on my post earlier about kids not wanting to go into manufacturing.

Not Something About Automation Fair

Don't get me wrong. I'm not dissing Rockwell Automation here. It's just that when we're in the middle of producing show dailies at events such as Automation Fair, we get pretty focused. So I'm taking a break here to see what's happening in the rest of the world.

At last-- a major university begins to offer automation education #PAuto #PAutoUP

Here's a very important and gratifying announcement from the University of Kansas by way of ISA:

Keep Your Eyes on the Little Guys

Folks keep asking me why I spend time (maybe too much time) on Twitter. Isn't it just another techno-toy for kids? Well, no. Some day I'll write a long blog post about the fascinating evolving uses of communicating in 140-character segments, but for now, I'll settle for sharing something...

If you can't read a P&ID diagram, you need this self-study course

Friends, based on the questions I get, and some of the posts I see on the various automation websites and email discussion lists and web forums, reading a piping and instrumentation diagram is becoming a lost art.

Another Ed Opp

This email from the HART Foundation just popped up in my inbox.

Surfin' the Net, Reeling in Some Good Fish

Trolling in the Web waters this morning between bouts of proofing the June issue of Control and have found some goodies to share.

Invensys shares the knowledge-- endows Chair in Kazakhstan!

Invensys endows Chair in Information Technologies in Kazakhstan. Here's the release:

Semi-Out of Control: A Different Kind of Green Process Engineering

This story is up at U.S. News & World Report. I gotta get me one of these.

New ASQ survey says more than 85% of kids today don't want to be engineers

Christel Henke, a publicist for the American Society for Quality, sent me this thought-provoking  and quite honestly frightening note: