Tasks for the Day After the Inauguration

Okay. I'll admit it. It's going to be hard to keep focus today, what with all the excitement going on in Washington. I want to be in on the party too, if only vicariously. But I'm going to leave it to my betters to batter the ears of the...

Quick! Tell your kids and every potential automation professional you know!

WIKA Instrument Corporation, Pressure Gauge & Sensor Technology Leader, Featured on Nationally Syndicated Television Program "How It's Made"

Meanwhile, for Better or Worse . . .

Good news or bad news on the economic front, it's always good to keep your skills sharp. There are lots of ways to do this (some of which we'll be exploring in one of our spring issues, by the way).

Monday Morning Mail

Amid the post-weekend deluge of email offering me fake doctorates, dodgy drugs and opportunities to make easy money (Ri-i-i-i-ght!), the following bits of far more useful information popped up. 

Expertune shows you how to DEMONSTRATE the benefits of automation

George Buckbee from Expertune and I have been talking for a long time about educating engineers about how to talk to management about the benefits of automation. He told me he was working on a training course that Expertune would fund and deliver, not necessarily to make some money but...

Each One Teach One

As I was moderating the session on Workforce Development here at the Siemens Automation Summit, I had a thought. Dangerous, I know, but still. So I challenged everyone on the panel and in the audience to do one simple thing.

They're Also Doing It in Kazakhstan

More folks from everywhere are doing it--"it" being taking proactive steps to get the engineers and technicians they're going to need in the next couple of decades. The following popped up in my mailbox yesterday.  If folks less than a century removed from a largely rural, nomadic/agricultural society can get with...

More "them as can..."

COLUMBIA, Ill., June 24, 2008 — MAVERICK Technologies, a next-generation engineering, systems integration and operational consulting firm, announced today that it has accepted its first two Ranken Technical College graduates into its Project Support Center (PSC) re...

National Instruments pwns FIRST Robotics automation systems with CompactRIO donation

In another of our regular features on "doing well out of doing good." National Instruments and FIRST Robotics have done the expected (at least by me, anyway). With National Instruments' flagship, Labview, as the engine for the Lego Mindstorm robots that are the precursor to FIRST Robotics (younger kids do...

Fun and Games with Security

The kids are all right. They're getting down and dirty with the realities of cybersecurity down in San Antonio. See the news release below. It looks like the focus of this competition is standard, enterprise level security (not that there's anything wrong with that).