While You Were Watching the Debates or Otherwise Living Your Life

Here are some news stories you might have missed from this week. First off, what keeps manufacturers up at night this week. A good news/bad news story based on a survey from, all in one infographic.

Out of Control--sort of. A Cool Feel-Good Video for Engineers

We've always thought here at Control that engineers were rock stars. Just found a video of a new commercial from Intel that confirms it. Now if we can only get the rest of the world (including our employers) to see it the same way. Watch it here.

I am proud to be on this list.

I am a little awed to be on this list, too. Hans has long deserved an award from ISA. Maggie is only the second woman ever to be named an Honorary Member, and deserves every second of her applause. I am honored every time Greg Shinskey agrees to write for Control.

Does it suck to be in engineering school?

After the Process Automation Hall of Fame dinner last night, I went and looked at my email, and having just had some of the finest minds in process automation, Dale Seborg, Bill Hawkins and Vernon Trevathan, sharing their thoughts on how to get new blood into engineering and automation, I...

Hall of Famers speak...

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to corral the 2008 inductees into the Process Automation Hall of Fame into spending time with me talking about their careers, the automation profession, and the future. Next Monday, March 24th, we'll be having the induction ceremony at the annual Process Automation...

Engineering Heroes of the Past

When engineering works, everybody takes it for granted. That's the point. Still, it can't hurt to call to mind on occasion the guys from the past who did astonishing things without the help of computers, Google searches, and every other advancement available in 2008.