Bhattacharya Speaks

Hanging out on the Twittersphere this morning and came across the following, thanks to Eoin O'Riain at Readout: The Instrumentation Signpost. It's a Frost & Sullivan interview with Sudipta Bhattacharya of Invensys Operations Management. See here for what he has to say.

The European Perspective on ISA Expo 2007

Walt's on his way to China, but before he left, he sent me a link to "ProcessingTalk" newsletter--which covers all things process manufacturing around the world from the U.K. This edition on the newsletter contains a view of ISA Expo 2007 from a return visitor from across the pond.

Toward a paperless plant?

Andrew Bond, our European Contributing Editor, brought my attention to this piece by old friend (our fathers knew each other, for Pete's Sake!) Eoin O'Riain in Readout:Eoin Ó Riain of Readout writes: Pharmaceutical manufacturing is set to move from a supply chain model to a value chain model, generating a...