Meanwhile, back at the Technology Pavilion...

During the break between main presentations, Matrikon wisely has located the refreshments in the Technology Pavilion (exhibitors' palace) and has scheduled mini-sessions there from vendors. During the morning break, Mark McTavish from Matrikon talked about Matrikon Alarm Manager, and Roy Tanner from ABB talked about Using Alarm Insight to Improve...

Matrikon Summit 2007

"Matrikon is growing," says CEO Amin Rawji, "and this is reflected in the number of countries attending this event this year. We are truly a global company." "Our vision," he said, "is to be the key company to help you reach your operational excellence goals by helping manage all operational data.

ISA-95 applied as an analysis tool

by Bianca Scholten, Partner, Ordina OPGELOST "I'm going to do this in high heels," she started out, referring to the end of my own presentation. "And in English," she continued. "It is important to talk about language.