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First the other news:  This popped up in the email a couple of hours ago:

So what about this exiderdome thing anyway?

With Chicago luminaries like Alderman Ed Burke (arguably the most powerful man in Illinois politics) and Robert Pritzker (arguably the richest man in Illinois) in the audience, Siemens' own luminaries participated in a celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Navy Pier last night.

Sadlowski on Siemens Energy and Automation

More from the exiderdome kickoff press conference: Dennis Sadlowski, CEO since 2007 of Siemens Energy and Automation, provided a quick rundown on the way the Industry Sector is implemented in the US and Mexico. “We have 10,000 employees in the US and an additional 2000 in Mexico.

Siemens Industry Sector: Heinrich Hiesinger and the Global Perspective

Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO of Siemens’ “Industry Sector” business, and member of the Siemens Board of Directors, kicked off the exiderdome tour press conference on Monday, July 21st by providing a mission statement for the new business unit.

exiderdome barges into Chicago

In a little while, the grand, weather-delayed, opening of the U. S. tour of the Siemens exiderdome will begin. Bad weather delayed the arrival of the ocean-going barge that is carrying the huge three story multimedia showpiece to Navy Pier today, so the press events were held at the Int...

A walk through the exiderdome...

I'm here in Monterrey, Mexico, with many other journalists, who have just had a preview of the exiderdome that's scheduled to hit Calgary in a couple of months and then hit Chicago just in time for Siemens' Automation Summit in July. Here's a video that explains the whole concept.

What's an exider, Daddy?

From the press release: Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. (SE&A) today announced that exiderdome, a traveling technology expo and learning laboratory, will begin the U.S. leg of its world tour in Chicago this summer. exiderdome is the biggest automation marketing campaign that Siemens has ever undertaken in the United States,...