Friday Afternoon Link Dump

I'm at it again.  As a public service for those of you who don't get paid to occasionally surf the InterWebs, here are links to a few stories from the process automation world and some other places that you may have missed this week.

Technology Road Shows

The Profibus started the idea of traveling road shows approximately 10 years ago as a way to show Edn Users how their technology worked. The Road Shows consist of a series of free 1-day seminars in different cities around the continent spread out through the year.

Foundation Fieldbus Seminar

I had the opportunity to attend the Fieldbus Foundation Seminar in Vancouver last week and was not only pleasantly surprised by the turn out, some folks drove up from Seattle, but more importantly the fact that several EPC companies were represented.

FDI - Integration Now more than a dream

There is new hope for End Users that a uniform interface to the rich information such as diagnostics and related material in smart instruments may soon be available. This is because a number of supplier companies have joined the FDI cooperation project that initially consisted of the major technology trade...

FDT, SAM & a Common Interface


The continuing saga of EDDL vs. FDT/DTM

The September issue of the FDT Group Newsletter reports on the WIB study of eEDDL vs. FDT/DTM. From the FDT newsletter: "The conclusions presented at the meeting are very positive for FDT Technology. Details will be given in the final report; however, the highlight...