New Fieldbus Supplier CobaltProcess

Is the world ready for a “self-help” supplier of industrial networking tools and equipment? The people at Cobaltprocess ( in the Northwest USA certainly hope so.

Off Line Fieldbus Network Analysis Tools

The original network analysis tool was the National Instruments Bus Monitor, developed at approximately the same time as Foundation Fieldbus was being introduced. This tool was designed to monitor the data traffic on fieldbus networks. It was not until Relcom introduced the FBT-3 that a physical layer troubleshooting tool specific...

H1 Communication Stack - Connecting the Function Block to the cable

Just like we tend to take the Ethernet chipset in our computer for granted, most End Users are likely unaware that every Foundation Fieldbus H1 device has a similar chipset called the H1 Stack in it.

FDI Prototype Demonstration

I just read that the new FDI Corporation is already showing benefits with prototypes of the first FDI components –proof that the concepts being proposed will work have been demonstrated on an ABB system. The prototypes include communications with HART, FF and Profibus protocol devices.

Technology Road Shows

The Profibus started the idea of traveling road shows approximately 10 years ago as a way to show Edn Users how their technology worked. The Road Shows consist of a series of free 1-day seminars in different cities around the continent spread out through the year.

Fieldbus Foundation Announces New FOUNDATION Technology Blog #pauto

The Fieldbus Foundation announced that it has established a new blog addressing a wide range of issues affecting the world of FOUNDATION technology.

Understanding the Remote I/O Market

Until about 3 months ago one of my volunteer activities was to work with the Fieldbus Foundation in the development of the specifications for their High Speed Ethernet (HSE) Remote I/O project and the biggest concern we had and were unable to get a firm answer was the demand for...

Our Man in Mumbai

John Rezabek, the regular author of our "On the Bus" column, wears other hats as well. He is also a member of the Foundation Fieldbus Advisory Council. In that role, he is attending the 2011 Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly in Mumbai, India.

Changing the guard at Fieldbus Foundation

A little late, however I just found out that now that John Berra has officially retired, Dr. Gunther Kegel has been elected the chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation Board of Directors.  John was chairman for 16 years – basically since the beginning.

FF Curriculum Certification Part 2

Though some of my friends have been telling me for years, Denise was able to confirm this week that I am now certified, Certified Foundation Fieldbus training instructor that is – and pending some changes to the laboratory exercises – tomorrow’s activity on my part to perform the activity and...