Fieldbus On-Line Diagnostics

Because off-line tools by their nature are unable to report back to the appropriate person when something happens the majority of FF Power Supply manufacturers either already offer or I am confident are working on developing on-line network diagnostic modules to continually monitor and report to a central system as...

Fieldbus Network Timing Parameters – Compel Data

One would think that because the Fieldbus Foundation defines so many other parameters in its standards that the time for the Compel Data message used for the Publish/Subscribe messages on which control in the field is based would also be standardized. Not so.

Fieldbus in Brazil

I am in Brazil for two weeks working with LEAD to assist them in becoming a Foundation Fieldbus Certified Training Center.

His Name is Urso, Jason Urso

Our fearless, intrepid reporter, Jim Montague, has gone into the scary lair of that most dangerous of crime fighters, James Bond, and come back with a report. First important piece of news. James Bond is really Jason Urso of Honeywell.

Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly 2010 - links to papers #pauto

Last week, as I posted then, I attended the 2010 version of the Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly in Houston, Tex.

Live from the Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly #pauto

"After fifteen years, we can emphatically say that the technology works," John Berra, wearing his hat as Chairman of the Fieldbus Foundation Board of Directors, said in his welcome to the Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly.

New edition of Foundation Fieldbus by Verhappen and Pereira

 I am pleased to report the publication of the 3rd edition of Foundation Fieldbus by Ian Verhappen and Augusto Pereira. This volume, which I have read in a pre-publication version, is expanded and improved, with new information published since the 2nd edition, and is vastly improved over the 1st edition...

MTL announces FISCO redundancy

According to Dermot Coady and Joe Mayr, this is a major announcement by MTL: MTL First to Provide Full Redundancy for FISCO MTL Instruments, a part of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, is pleased to announce a major enhancement to its class-leading range of Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO) wiring components for FOUNDATIONTM...

Live from Yokogawa: Chuck Carter on Fieldbus Training

Fieldbus Training for Operators As part of a session which included Bill Tatum from Fieldbus Foundation and Ian Verhappen of MTL, Chuck Carter, center director of the Fieldbus Center at Lee College of Baytown, Tex., discussed the requirements for technical training necessary to achieve operators that are trained and knowledgeable...

Missing the bus...PTO vs FF: just how does this help end users?

In the latest edition of "Profinews" (North American Edition) dated 19 March 2008, but published last night, editor Carl Henning awarded what he called the "2008 Golde...