#opsmanage How to do a magic trick-- make a DCS vanish and reappear

The biggest drag on Invensys before the Great Reorganization was the fact that they had a 27 year old DCS. Now there's no question that they tried to keep making new revisions, and producing new features, but it was the same vintage as ProVox, the TDC3000 and other systems that...

#opsmanage Invensys Operations Management One Year On

This is a very interesting experience for me, because this is the first time in years, I think, that I've been at a user group meeting without having to help produce a show daily. I can actually go to the sessions I'm interested in, as opposed to the ones I...

Invensys Makeover

Found this in the course of my ritual morning check of Twitter. Invensys Operations Management has launched its redesigned website with the goal of rationalizing to outsiders the relationships between its various companies. See the new site here.  The news release is below.

Good news may quash some Invensys rumors

An article published in the Attleboro, Mass., Sun-Chronicle Online for 3/18/2009 says: "A reinvigorated nuclear power industry, long stagnant in the United States, is expected to provide a major lift to Texas-based Invensys Process Systems and bring additional jobs to the company's plant in Foxboro, corporate officials say."