#pauto #security Frost & Sullivan Names Byres Security the 2010 World Award Winner for Industrial Network Security Solutions

From the Byres Security press conference at Automation and Power World:

Bhattacharya Speaks

Hanging out on the Twittersphere this morning and came across the following, thanks to Eoin O'Riain at Readout: The Instrumentation Signpost. It's a Frost & Sullivan interview with Sudipta Bhattacharya of Invensys Operations Management. See here for what he has to say.

Wireless POWER is coming! Wireless POWER is coming!

...or so says a new report from Frost and Sullivan. ABB has been showing their wireless power capabilities at Automation World for the past several years, so this isn't exactly a surprise in the factory automation space.

How do end users REALLY feel about wireless interoperability? Let's ask!

Since it is clear that the current draft of ISA100.11a is incompatible with WirelessHART (already an IEC Publically Available Specification, and headed to being an IEC standard shortly), I've been wondering what the end user community thinks about this.