More on the Middletown CT power plant explosioin

The Hartford Courant is reporting today that the investigation of the blast at the nearly-completed natural gas fired power plant near Middletown CT is focusing on the fact that it occurred as the gas line was being purged of air.

Fatalities reported after massive explosion at power plant in Connecticut...

From news reports:

Emergency Mass Notification in the Post 9-11 Era

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It is, as Yogi said, Deja Vu all over again...

It seems like I've written this blog post several times lately.

The Science of Fear -- a book review

Several of my friends recommended a book to me, so I took it out of the library yesterday. It is The Science of Fear by Daniel Gardner.

Finally! ASM Consortium publishes research!

After operating as a "members only" exclusive club for many years, the ASM Consortium (Abnormal Situation Management Consortium)has reversed its policies and decided to publish its research-- the only research of its kind. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to actually see what real world operators want in display...

Wurldtech and exida join forces...

In an announcement I'd been expecting for some time, exida and Wurldtech have joined forces to provide subject matter expertise on the conjoined issues of functional safety and what I like to call "functional security."