WIB Process Control Domain - Security Requirements for Vendors now posted

This document specifies requirements and gives recommendations for IT security to be fulfilled by vendors of process control and automation systems to be used in Process Control Domains (PCDs).

exida certifies Honeywell Safety Manager to Achilles Level 1

From the press release:

My book on ICS Cyber Security

My book, Protecting Industrial Control Systems from Electronic Threats, has gone to the publisher. It is anticipated it will be published and available by the by end of April. The preorder URL is

Rockwell Micrologix security vulnerability disclosed--Rockwell works to fix the issue

The following was posted, among other places, on the SCADASEC listserv. Eyal Udassin, a well-known and well respected security researcher with significant experience with control system functional security has discovered a vulnerability in some of Rockwell's products, and he and Rockwell have moved quickly to fix the vulnerability.

Fighting the Last War--Airport Kabuki and Functional Security

In his blog "What do 9/11, the Detroit bomber and ICS Security have in Common," Joe Weiss makes some really good points.

Emergency Mass Notification in the Post 9-11 Era

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Emergency Planning in the Post 9-11 Era

So when your plant blows up because you and your management have not figured out that it is cheaper and more profitable to operate safely and securely, how do you notify people without getting more people hurt or killed, and without creating panic in the streets?

Wurldtech announces functional security training aimed at automation professionals

Newly Formed Energy Sector Cyber Security Consortium Announces First Research Project Aimed At Improving Industrial Cyber Security Training & Education For Automation Professionals

RISI inaugural newsletter #Pauto #Pautoup


Can IT Security and plant level security ever work together? #PAuto #PAutoUP

Walt Boyes interviewed Bjorn Gudehus of Bell Canada, who is both a security analyst and an automation professional, and who has a distinctive voice and opinion on this important question.