Though data on the HART/IP protocol is still difficult to come by – unless you want to shell out a membership or purchase the specifications for just under $1000. The need for the HART/IP protocol was for the backhaul network between WirelessHart gateways and the control system to provide access...

HART Foundation Press Conference at Hanover Fair Cancelled -- here's what would have happened...#pauto

Thanks to the Icelandic volcano with the incredibly difficult to pronounce name (Eyjafjallajokull, pronounced like this), the normal HART Communication Foundation press conference at Hanover Fair has been cancelled.

NAMUR blesses WirelessHART #Pauto

Here is a press release from Liz Patronella at the HART Communication Foundation detailing the outcome of the NAMUR testing at BASF Ludwigshafen:

Another Ed Opp

This email from the HART Foundation just popped up in my inbox.

HART Debuts New Registration Program for HART and WirelessHART

At long last, HART has finalized the device Registration program for both wired and wireless HART devices. This supplants the longstanding practice of self-certification that HART Foundation member companies could perform in the past.

WirelessHART Testing Suite Released

After months of being the critical path to getting products out the door, and feeling the imprint of all the boots running down that path on their backs, the HART Communication Foundation has released the WirelessHART Test Suite that is the complement to the already released Test Suite for...

WirelessHART wins IEC ballot-- now IEC/PAS 62591 Ed. 1

65C/506A/PAS Project: IEC/PAS 62591 Ed.1 IEC/PAS 62591: Industrial communication networks - Fieldbus spec

Okay, here we go again--FUD and non-FUD from the Wireless WAR

I haven't been posting much about the ongoing Wireless War. There are significant reasons for this, including the fact that I am a working and voting member of ISA100, and chose to do as much as I could within the committee. Recently, this incredibly disfunctional committee became even more so.

Just in from HART at Interkama

From the press release: WirelessHART Technology Support Grows Worldwide (Austin, Texas, USA, 24 April 2008) Executives from leading process automation companies voiced their continued support and implementation of the latest version of the HART® Communication Protocol, HART 7 with WirelessHART™ capability, during the HART Communication Foundation press conference at Interkama+...

More companies to follow with WirelessHART products

At least seven and perhaps up to as many as eleven more companies expect to have WirelessHART products on the market by summer. You'll find out who all of them are as they give me permission to announce their products.