From the News Desk: Emerson First Out of the Gate with WirelessHART

The following release just popped up in my email box. Emerson First to Offer WirelessHART Automation Products Emerson is now taking orders for open, industry standards-based products in its Smart Wireless portfolio  

Automation Gadget Geeks Rejoice! Bluetooth HART Modem!

From the press release: World’s Only Explosion Proof Bluetooth HART Modem for Smart Instrument Communication Improves Safety and Reduces Costs ProComSol, Ltd., has announced the release of a unique product for smart plant instrument communication.  The HM-BT-VIN, HART Modem Bluetooth Voltage Input, is the only explosion proof Bluetooth HART modem...

HART Plant of the Year

Today at a press conference held at Power-Gen, Ron Helson, Executive Director of the HART Communication Foundation presented the Plant of the Year award. As it has in several other years, it went to a plant located outside of the US-- to a StatoilHydro facility in Norway.

You heard it here first-- ISA and HART agree to collaborate

As I told you all in this blog after ISA, the fix is in. There will not be, God willing and the creek don't rise, another fieldbus war around the wireless standards for industrial plants. Here's the official release from ISA and HART Communication Foundation: ISA and HART Communication Foundation...

The European Perspective on ISA Expo 2007

Walt's on his way to China, but before he left, he sent me a link to "ProcessingTalk" newsletter--which covers all things process manufacturing around the world from the U.K. This edition on the newsletter contains a view of ISA Expo 2007 from a return visitor from across the pond.

But where's the OTHER wireless press release?

You know, the one where ISA and the HCF jointly announce that WirelessHART is going to become part of the ISA100.11a standard? The one that announces the end to the wireless war? Why haven't we seen that one? We know there's a deal. I have described it in this blog.

Just to keep us all honest, HCF brings out the elephant guns again.

Last week, as this blog reported, those responsible for way, way more than 50% of the revenue of the entire automation industry trooped into the SP100 meeting and made their feelings known. Whether it was because of them, or despite them, we arrived at a consensus compromise.

One last thing from the SP100 closing's the deal...

At the SP100 Closing Plenary, SP100 co-chair Wayne Manges announced the compromise to include the WirelessHART specification into ISA10.11a as "inclusion by accommodation in Release 1," using a dual network, single gateway model, and considering interchangeability in Release 2. "Unless," he clarified, "there are technical reasons why interchangeability is not possible.

Honeywell is on board at SP100

In an interview this morning, Honeywell's Global Wireless Director, Jeff Becker, went on the record to declare, "We are fully in support of the compromise worked out by the SP100 dot11a committee. We understand it to be a dual-network single gateway compromise in Release 1 moving to complete interchangeability and...

The Official HART Communication Foundation Press Conference...

Top 10 things you need to know about WirelessHART... 10. WirelessHART is an enabling technology that reduces life cycle cost of measurements by using existing proven tools, knowledge and devices! 9. WirelessHART complements not replaces wired HART adding new communication capabilities. 8.