HART v. SP100: the plot thickens

Far from being a done deal, the ISA SP100 "Principles of Operation" document is, itself, in question. The following letter was sent to the ISA SP100 Community, in care of Pat Kinney and Dan Sexton, and signed by a whole bushel load of SP100 members.

HART 7: Ron Helson responds

When I received Jack Bolick's letter, I called Ron Helson, who replied as follows: The September 5th letter to the editor from Honeywell's Jack Bolick was a surprise and disappointment to the HART Communication Foundation (HCF).

HART 7: Do we have wireless war after all?

Yesterday, Honeywell's President, Jack Bolick, announced that Honeywell would not support the final ratification of HART 7 at the HART Board Meeting tomorrow. Here is the text of his letter:

Dan Sexton Views the Uniqueness of SP100

Daniel Sexton from GE Global Research, is the Co-Chair of ISA100.11a, and a recognized wireless networking guru.His talk is titled: "Understanding the unique nature of the universal family of ISA100 Wireless Standards"A little history: 2002 DOE workshop produces wireless vision document: -- Identifies Potential for wireless to change industry; --...

Chip Lee from ISA mitigates the damage to the HART/SP100 relationship, and Wally Pratt speaks!

Making very clear that ISA is committed to working with the HART foundation, Chip Lee, who is in charge of standards at ISA among other things, introduced Wally Pratt, the chief engineer of the HART Communication Foundation.

John Berra on wireless: "No wires. No limits."

"I consider myself a veteran in living through and working through technology changes," Berra started out, noting that he had been an ISA member for 38 years. He went through the ringing of the changes from pneumatics to fieldbus.

Next up: Wayne Manges, co-chair, SP100

Wayne Manges, co-chair of ISA's SP100 committee, presented an overview of all things wireless yesterday, and received great arousal from the end user community. This morning, Wayne is presenting an overview of S100. S100 is supposed to be a reliable, universal family of wireless standards, backed by ISA expertise, heritage...

ISA Wireless Summit

Your humble servant (we're in Canada, eh?) is blogging this morning from the ISA Wireless Summit, formally titled Wireless Solutions for Manufacturing Automation. Pat Gouhin led off with a brief description of ISA's activities and turned the meeting over to Andre Restaino, who is the Compliance Institute leader at ISA.

What the Honeywell OneWireless Announcement Means

I'm sure some of you were wondering when I would get around to this post. After all, the announcement, made last Monday at HUG in Phoenix, is old news now. But it isn't. What I saw in Phoenix, and what I heard about in 2006 at HUG, was an implementation...

Not a lot of time left...get your entries IN!

The HART® Communication Foundation will accept entries for the 2007 HART Plant of the Year Award through June 30. This international award is presented annually to recognize innovative use of HART Communication in real-time industrial process plant applications. Nomination forms are available at