Though data on the HART/IP protocol is still difficult to come by – unless you want to shell out a membership or purchase the specifications for just under $1000. The need for the HART/IP protocol was for the backhaul network between WirelessHart gateways and the control system to provide access...

Field Level Sensor Network Seminar

WINA are sponsoring a Webinar: “A Winning Strategy for the Global Industrial Wireless Trifecta” Tuesday, February 26 at 10:00 ET that might help you better understand the challenges and benefits of mixing wireless field sensor networks.  The presenters are Robert Assimiti, and Rares Ivan, of Nivis developers of several radio...

When and Why Should We Use a Wireless Transmitter System vs. Hardwired? When Should We Not Use a Wireless System?

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FDI Prototype Demonstration

I just read that the new FDI Corporation is already showing benefits with prototypes of the first FDI components –proof that the concepts being proposed will work have been demonstrated on an ABB system. The prototypes include communications with HART, FF and Profibus protocol devices.

MOL Danube Refinery HART Plant of the Year #pauto #HART #mfg #manufacturing

From the press release:

HART Supplement 2010 #pauto #HART #wirelessHART #wireless #fieldbus

Control's 2010 HART Supplement is ready for you.

Here's NIVIS' WirelessHART entry from Monday night. #pauto #HART #wireless

I reported yesterday about the fantastic performance of the NIVIS gateway and the Software Technology Group field device and the MACtek Bullet WirelessHART Adaptor on Monday evening.

Just HOW mature is the WirelessHART standard? I think we just found out. #pauto #HART #wireless

Last night, at the 20th anniversary reception at the HART General Meeting, an amazing thing happened. It wasn't planned, it just happened, and it serves notice that the WirelessHART standard is much more mature in its behavior than we thought.

Nominate YOUR Plant for 2010 HART Plant of the Year Award #pauto

From the press release announcing that the nominations are open:

Another Ed Opp

This email from the HART Foundation just popped up in my inbox.