Is there a SCADA link in the Terry Childs incident in San Francisco?

San Francisco and SCADA Jake Brodsky brought up the following, "Do management and law enforcement types have any clue as to how one might regain control of a SCADA system after a rogue employee has secured everyone out of it?" I had planned on saying something at the Conference next...

Bandolier: Gold Standard, or Only Half Way There?

I want to specifically respond to Ralph Langer’s comments from my blog post on Severity Levels. Ralph posted, “While I agree in general that severity cannot be established without context, experience tells me that such context can hardly be established by any kind of automated software tool.

Joe Weiss makes the Washington Post– and makes sense, too!

URL: Supporting URL: Cyber Incident Blamed for Nuclear Power Plant Shutdown By Brian Krebs Staff Writer Thursday, June 5, 2008; 1:46 PM A nuclear power plant in Georgia was recently forced into an emer...