Participate in the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Work Group

Hello All,I am finally moving forward with ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0 after a 2 year break.  Book 1.0 was great success.  Many companies and industry analysts have made it required educational reading.  To build on this in Book 2.0, we, as the ISA-95/MESA Best Practices Working Group, will chose...

Have global manufacturing made volunteer-based standards groups obsolute?


Selling MOM Solutions to Risk Adverse Businesses

Selling MOM Solutions to Risk Adverse Businesses By Utilizing Performance-based ROI Guarantee and Contracts

Welcome to "Hitchhiking" blogger, Charlie Gifford!

I want to welcome to the blogosphere our third regular blog, hosted by MES and enterprise integration grand master, Charlie Gifford. Charlie is also now a regular bi-mont...