Honeywell Takes Aim at Security & Safety

Unless you've been living in a cave or completely focused on the fate of your favorite baseball or basketball team, you're bound to know that the issue of cybersecurity is heating up. If Stuxnet wasn't enough, now there's its evil twin Flame to add to your worries about your computer...

News from HUG 2012

Very quiet at the ControlGlobal popstand today. Most everyone but Katherine Bonfante and I are down in Phoenix at the 2012 gathering of the Honeywell Process Solutions clan, HUG 2012. But while things are rather like a library here, there's plenty of news coming out of Phoenix.

Multi-Media Bonanza from HUG

As the 2010 Honeywell User Group Conference for 2010 winds down today, we are still bringing you some of the highlights. 

And Just in Case You Thought It Was All Work at HUG . . .

Check out this video from Family Night.

Getchyer HUG News Here!

Things are popping in Phoenix. It's only the middle of the afternoon there, and we have reports on

Abbott Labs Creates Support Model for Global MES

Our colleague Mike Bacidore just posted this report from the Honeywell Users Group meeting on how Abbott Labs works with Honeywell to install MES systems at its facilities in Ireland and Puerto Rico.

Mr. Hodge Explains All About Virtualization at HUG Session

Paul Hodge, Honeywell product manager, Experion infrastructure & HMI, took attendees at the 2010 Honeywell User Group Conference on a stroll through the universe of "virtualization," explaining what it is and why it is a good thing for your process operation.

Live from Phoenix, Day 1

The Honeywell User Group conference is in full swing down in Phoenix, and. in spite of the heat (yes, it is 98 deg F there this afternoon, which kind of puts a different perspective on the  68 deg F and cloudy here at ControlGlobal central).

First Honeywell News of the Day

The 2010 Honeywell Users Group in Phoenix is just about cranking up as we speak, but the PR folks have been up very early. This is the first bit of news that popped up in my mailbox this morning.