HART 7: Ron Helson responds

When I received Jack Bolick's letter, I called Ron Helson, who replied as follows: The September 5th letter to the editor from Honeywell's Jack Bolick was a surprise and disappointment to the HART Communication Foundation (HCF).

HART 7: Do we have wireless war after all?

Yesterday, Honeywell's President, Jack Bolick, announced that Honeywell would not support the final ratification of HART 7 at the HART Board Meeting tomorrow. Here is the text of his letter:

Here's the Honeywell/MUSIC press release I promised you...


What's important about MUSIC?

So what's the big deal? Here's the problem in a nutshell: - No methodical, repeatable or readily-available benchmarking process currently exists for measuring product resiliency, safety, robustness or security for software or hardware in the industrial and process control markets What MU is offering:   MUSIC would offer vendors and their users...

First Standards Based Comprehensive Cyber Security Suite Released

From the MU Security press releases--- MU SECURITY LAUNCHES NEW INDUSTRIAL CONTROL CERTIFICATION AND AUTHORIZED PARTNER PROGRAM "MUSIC" Certification Provides Open Migration Path to Government and Industry Emerging Standards; Honeywell leverages MUSIC Mu Security, a pioneer in the security analyzer market, today announced new Mu Security Industrial Control (MUSIC) certification...

Honeywell secures its One Wireless supply chain

In view of persistent rumors about the well-being of Accutech/Adaptive Instruments, this press release from Adaptive Instruments' VP Wallace Lueders seems pretty clear:

From Honeywell: Enraf deal is final

Another entry in the Directory of Lost Companies Honeywell completes Enraf acquisition Is this a trend: will Honeywell change its longstanding policy and become a field instrument company? Going boldly into the wild and wooly world of field instrumentation, Honeywell Process Systems has completed the purchase of Enraf from Delft...

Soroush Amidi explains RFID!

Business Case for RFID in Industrial ApplicationsSoroush Amidi Product Marketing Manager Honeywell Charlie Robinson from ISA introduced Soroush by saying that Soroush had claimed to be the best looking Honeyweller. So when Soroush stood up to speak, he commented on his male pattern baldness problem as the reason he shifted from...

Harsh Chitale from Honeywell on Wireless

Harsh Chitale, new vice president of strategy and marketing for Honeywell Process Systems, is presenting "Top Considerations for Selecting Your Industrial Wireless Solution." "Whenever there is a bunch of buzz about something, there is always the risk of rushing into something without doing the planning necessary.