Tom Kindervater and the UIS update

Tom Kindervater, co-chair of the User Input Subommittee, provided the description of how Honeywell's unique customer input system for enhancements works. The UIS develops a detailed "want" list and Honeywell does the development work under the direction of the UIS.

Jack Bolick speaks...

"Make sure you're drinking plenty of water..." HPS will be about $3 billion of the $13 billion Automation and Controls business, with about $1 billion being lifecycle services. Honeywell's mission is improving business performance in Safety/Security, Reliability and Efficiency. We are driving toward an integrated vision.

Over 700 customers

According to David Wade, there are over 700 customers attending HUG this year, with over 120 first-timers....

HUG 2008 Americas Kickoff

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's HUGMAN! Disguised as mild-mannered Kent Clark, he says he's going to serve as the symposium's sidekick. The conference theme is "The power to perform," Honeywell's customers are everyday superheroes that keep their plants and industries going and productive and profitable.

In praise of the lowly MicroSwitch...

A news item caught my eye earlier. Today marks the 75th anniversary of Honeywell's ubiquitous MicroSwitch. 75 years ago, this rather lowly invention was the spark for the entire sensing industry. I've used hundreds of them, as has many another controls vendor.