The Implications of NERC CIP

Barry Ingold, from Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, presented a detailed look at the implications of  the new NERC CIP Cyber Security Standards, noting that the original "Urgent Action Standard 1200" specifically excluded DCSs and control systems in the definition of what constituted a "critical cyber asset." NERC stands for...

Honeywell User Group e-Show Daily

For those of you who didn't receive the e-Show Daily directly, here's the web link: Enjoy....

The B Team Takes The Field

Walt is busy getting the first edition of the electronic show daily for the 32nd Annual Honeywell User Group meeting off the ground, so while he's not looking, I'm talking over SoundOff! Being a member of the press has it's advantages.

Urso Magnifico rides again!

"Next we have a very powerful former engineer who joined the dark side: marketing. The author of 'Pimping Your Refinery,' Jason Urso!" He was introduced by the Max Headroom character, Franz Schwarzenegger who claims to be "Arnold's brother." [there will be a recreation of this part of the blog post--...

Press release announces record attendance at HUG

Record Attendance Expected At Honeywell Users Group Symposium Customers Will Share Insights and Best Practices for Using Honeywell Technology to Enhance Safety, Reliability and Efficiency Honeywell is expecting record attendance at its 2007 Users' Group Americas Symposium, which will be held June 10-14 in Phoenix at the Arizona Biltmore Resort...

Lessons from Texas City

Safety requires passionate and effective leadership, says MIT professor Nancy Leveson, a member of the Baker Commission that investigated the accident at BP Texas City. Managing and Controlling Safety needs clear definition of expectation, and we have to continue to adapt to changing conditions.

Tom Kindervater on why we're here

Tom Kindervater from Marathon Petroleum talked about the user benefits of the Honeywell User Group and pointed out that this enables end users to influence Honeywell's direction and product development. He made an impassioned pitch to get membership on the Customer Advisory Boards. Current advisory boards include:

Reggie Barnett from Dow, UIS Chairman

Reggie introduced the UIS members, and described the industry representation in the UIS: "We have industry representation from all of the markets Honeywell sells to, as well as global participation." He went through an exhaustive list of enhancements, over 180 of them, that UIS has brought to the market through...

First blast from Honeywell User Group

David Otto, co-chair of the Honeywell User Group, introduced the event by interacting with a Arnold-sounding Max Headroom character who noted that people had come from everywhere to be here, "even Houston." Following Otto, who I will be interviewing later today for a video podcast, was Jack Bolick, president of Honeywell.