Honeywell adds to the corrosion fighting arsenal with ORP measurement

From the press release:

Honeywell “OTTER” do well with this...


FDI - Integration Now more than a dream

There is new hope for End Users that a uniform interface to the rich information such as diagnostics and related material in smart instruments may soon be available. This is because a number of supplier companies have joined the FDI cooperation project that initially consisted of the major technology trade...

ASM releases alarm management guidelines

The ASM consortium has released the second volume of its research and conclusions. Here's the press release from Honeywell:

Norm Gilsdorf on Honeywell's acquisition of RMG-- a unique look at an acquisition for end users

Norm Gilsdorf, president of HPS, spent a half hourwith me on Tuesday discussing the strategic reasonsfor and the implications of Honeywell's acquisition ofRMG, Regel Messtechnik. Here's the podcast, for you tolisten to what Norm said:

Lessons from HUG-- a quick recap

One Honeywell Brings Synergy to Users Group

Sneak Preview of Honeywell's New Sensor

Honeywell's gone into the video business--no made-for-TV movies yet, but a nice 6 1/2-minute number on its "Ask Dr. Larry" series explaining its new, soon-to-be-released Smart Position Sensor. Here's the skinny from the news release:

Post-Vacation 1.0 Post--or something

Back at work again. Took my vacation time this year split up in two sections about a month apart, and I'm feeling a bit weird and disoriented now, what with having to be back at work and productive and looking at a lo-o-o-ong stretch with no big blocks of time...

Process Industry News and Bad Jokes

Seems some folks are confident enough to change jobs, even in the midst of a down economy. According to the news release we received this morning,

What I Did on My Winter Vacation

Control projects show up in the darndest places. I know because I've been away for 10 days, visiting England. Took a tour of the southeastern part of the country, with stop-offs at Stonehenge (speaking of engineering feats), Salisbury, Jane Austin's house, Canturbury, Dover, Deal, and Portsmouth. I won't bore you with all...