What's Wrong With HMIs Today?

Sat in on a Web presentation this morning over the phone. (Love the Webexes of the world. Much better than burning days in an airport boarding lounge.)

More Nimmo

It's about situation awareness. Humans need analog displays so they can see trends. They need a good HMI, they need alarm management practices that include hardware, software and people. You need new practices for communications, shift handover, training and operator workload assessment. You need human reliability and hierarchical task analysis.

Ian Nimmo on Organizational Failures

Well, darn. I have to go re-write my speech I'm supposed to give tomorrow. Ian Nimmo is giving my speech right now. Somehow, we are thinking so much alike that he's hitting all the themes I was going to talk about. Nimmo pointed out that 100 years ago, life WAS simpler.

OK, I can't stand it...this ticks me off!

I'm on vacation, but I'm not dead... This was in The Scotsman today. The explosion that destroyed the ICL plastics plant in Glasgow Scotland on 11 May 2004 was caused by an LPG line that leaked into a basement that was being used as a storage locker by a contractor,...

A bit of away...

No, I haven't posted all week. Sorry, I was at our AutomationXchange event, and the discussions held there are private. I will hopefully be posting an Adobe Presenter version of the keynote speech that Ian Nimmo of User-Centered-Design Services gave on Tuesday morning.