Organizations Must Provide Value to Their Members to Survive

Continuing the discussion from the last post where I postulated that ISA and MESA struggle more than IEEE or other engineering organizations in retaining members, in this post I'll offer my take as to why.  I already noted that societies that serve specific engineering disciplines like IEEE have a feeder...

Why Do Automation Organizations Struggle Compared to Other Societies

Like many automation engineers I get a steady stream of emails from ISA, MESA and other organizations with announcements about conferences, webinars and white papers.  If the volume of email were an indication of viability it would seem that professional societies are alive and healthy.

An Apology from Joe Weiss

In a blog post on October 18 (now removed) I posted some things I regret about Erfan Ibrahim's remarks at the IEEE Electric Grid Modernization Workshop last week. I apologize to both Mr. Ibrahim and to my readers.

Overcoming the Wireless Sensor Network Bandwidth Problem

One of the challenges identified in our last posting was the increasing demand on the 2.4 GHz bands to be all things to all people and that unfortunately, IEEE 802.15.4  is further hindered by the restrictions put on the radios.  One possible solution is to migrate to a different...

GSM Compromised?

The December issue of IEEE Spectrum had a small lead about the following Open Source attempt to hack the GSM phone system. The full article can be found at

ABB urges Smart Grid Standards...but where is ISA?

In the gold rush to Smart Grid, it's easy to get left out. In the last several major press releases about Smart Grid I've seen, one standards body has been conspicuous by its absence. That, of course would be ISA.

Isn't anybody talking to each other??

I just received a press release from IEEE, calling itself "the driving force behind changing the perception of math and science-based careers." Funny, because I just spent two days at ISA with Executive Director Pat Gouhin and Automation Federation Chairman Steve Huffman, and they are "the global voice of...

Get ready for more chaos!

"FEMA is planning for a voluntary preparedness accreditation and certification program mandated by Title IX of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007. They intend to establish a common set of criteria for private sector preparedness, including disaster management, emergency management, and business continuity programs. The goal of this voluntary program...