Severity Ratings…You must consider the context!

What do severity ratings REALLY mean? I read a blog on Digital Bond’s Bandolier project (,

Giving the Black Hats the keys to the store…

Training the Bad Guys Dale Peterson’s April 22nd blog had the following: “Jason Larsen’s presentation on SCADA and Control System hacking from Blackhat Federal 08 is now available.” There has been a prevailing view that control systems are secure because they are so arcane and obscure.

Live from Yokogawa: Cybersecurity for the Process Industries

Cyber security for the Process Industries

Telvent passes INL SCADA System Exam phase one

From the press release: Telvent's OASyS DNA 7.5 SCADA Successfully Concludes Its Initial Evaluation Stage Prime Newswire The Project Was Jointly Developed by Telvent, the SCADA System Examination Center At the U.S. Department of Energy and the Idaho National Laboratory December 19, 2007: 07:30 AM EST MADRID, Spain, Dec.