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Microsoft Moves Into Process with ChemRA

ChemRA. Sounds a bit like a Saturday a.m. kiddie cartoon superhero, but it's not. It's the new initiative from Microsoft to "provide solutions for the chemical and oil refining industries," according to the press release. ChemRA, aka, Chemical Reference Architecture Initiative, Microsoft describes it as "a reference architecture framework that...

Users get the security they're willing to pay for...and not any more. #pauto #cybersecurity #opsmanage #NERC

A lot of this will be in my December Editorial:

#opsmanage Invensys Operations Management One Year On

This is a very interesting experience for me, because this is the first time in years, I think, that I've been at a user group meeting without having to help produce a show daily. I can actually go to the sessions I'm interested in, as opposed to the ones I...

PAS' Eddie Habibi comments on Invensys Skelta Acquisition #pauto

PAS has a well-publicized relationship with both Honeywell and Invensys, the latter cemented by the new President of PAS, former Invensys official Chris Lyden. PAS as we have reported before, has an interesting take on workflow management and documentation called "The Automation Genome."

Bhattacharya Speaks

Hanging out on the Twittersphere this morning and came across the following, thanks to Eoin O'Riain at Readout: The Instrumentation Signpost. It's a Frost & Sullivan interview with Sudipta Bhattacharya of Invensys Operations Management. See here for what he has to say.

Enterprise Control: The Next Generation

Invensys Operations Management announced in a press conference today at the ARC World Industry Forum in Orlando the next evolution of its InFusion Enterprise Control System (ECS).

Invensys Makeover

Found this in the course of my ritual morning check of Twitter. Invensys Operations Management has launched its redesigned website with the goal of rationalizing to outsiders the relationships between its various companies. See the new site here.  The news release is below.

Bhattacharya Resurrects Invensys-- Invensys Operations Management

Invensys figures it out—Sudipta Bhattacharya on the new ecosystem of Invensys Operations Management