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Fieldbus Network Timing Parameters – Compel Data

One would think that because the Fieldbus Foundation defines so many other parameters in its standards that the time for the Compel Data message used for the Publish/Subscribe messages on which control in the field is based would also be standardized. Not so.

#opsmanage OpsManage Expo ties things together

There can be only one. Invensys, that is. There is no "Foxboro" booth, no "Wonderware" booth, or any of the other great brands that make up part of Invensys Operations Management, or IOM. And as you walk through the expo, you see that there are applications being talked about: operations,...

#opsmanage How to do a magic trick-- make a DCS vanish and reappear

The biggest drag on Invensys before the Great Reorganization was the fact that they had a 27 year old DCS. Now there's no question that they tried to keep making new revisions, and producing new features, but it was the same vintage as ProVox, the TDC3000 and other systems that...

PAS' Eddie Habibi comments on Invensys Skelta Acquisition #pauto

PAS has a well-publicized relationship with both Honeywell and Invensys, the latter cemented by the new President of PAS, former Invensys official Chris Lyden. PAS as we have reported before, has an interesting take on workflow management and documentation called "The Automation Genome."

More on Invensys and Skelta #pauto

During the just concluded high level press conference with Invensys Operations Management's Rashesh Mody and Rob McGreevy and Skelta's Sanjay Shah, McGreevy reminded me that even though I have been saying that it is Invensys' master strategy to become the world's largest system integrator, they expect to go to market...

Invensys buys business process management software company Skelta-- what's it mean? #pauto

In their quest to become the world's largest system integrator, Invensys Operations Management has purchased Skelta Software:

FDI - Integration Now more than a dream

There is new hope for End Users that a uniform interface to the rich information such as diagnostics and related material in smart instruments may soon be available. This is because a number of supplier companies have joined the FDI cooperation project that initially consisted of the major technology trade...

Invensys adds NERC CIP compliance services to systems #PAuto

Here's another announcement from Invensys at their North America Client Conference: