Invensys announces radical new "virtual reality" operator interface HMI

Frankly, this is really hot stuff, if it works. Readers of Control may recall that last year we called for this kind of operator interface to build on the fact that younger workers are quite comfortable, in fact they prefer the "gamer's" interface to the standard HMI that control...

Invensys Management Musical Chairs

Word is out on the street this morning Sudipta Bhattacharya, currently president of Wonderware, has been tapped, at least on an interim basis, to fill the vacant spot left by Paulett Eberhart’s departure from Invensys Process Systems. He will also serve as COO of Invensys’ other industrial automation units,...

Paulett Eberhart leaves Invensys

I began hearing rumors of a major change at Invensys this morning, so I went to the's the reply from Invensys Director of Communications, Tom Clary:

Process Industry News and Bad Jokes

Seems some folks are confident enough to change jobs, even in the midst of a down economy. According to the news release we received this morning,

They're Also Doing It in Kazakhstan

More folks from everywhere are doing it--"it" being taking proactive steps to get the engineers and technicians they're going to need in the next couple of decades. The following popped up in my mailbox yesterday.  If folks less than a century removed from a largely rural, nomadic/agricultural society can get with...

Invensys celebrates Foxboro's 100th birthday

From all of us at Control, we want to wish Foxboro a happy century day, and hopeful wishes for many more.   From the press release:  Invensys Process Systems (IPS), a global technology, software and consulting firm, celebrated here today the 100th anniversary of the Foxboro automation products brand.

And Invensys responds...inadvertently

not an hour after I posted the foregoing, I received a huge envelope from Invensys with a hundred year anniversary 2008 calendar in it. I'm glad they are going to do something for Foxboro. And it is a very nice calendar, too....

More big changes at Invensys

Former SAP bigwig Sudipta Bhattacharya, after two short months as an Invensys employee is now to succeed longtime Wonderware president Mike Bradley, AND report directly to Ulf! The press release gives no reason for Bradley's departure. LAKE FOREST, Calif., Nov.

Invensys sells APV...what's next?

After the accession of former EDS president Paulett Eberhart to the post of president of Invensys Process Systems, it has become clear that Invensys is looking for a way to migrate to a software and services company.

Wonderware Releases New Products

We attended the Wonderware press conference last week on September 5th and wanted to share a few observations. The main purpose of the event was to introduce InTouch 10.0, System Platform 3.0, and Compact Panels. A few words about each follows.