#opsmanage Automation topics "For Dummies"-- what a concept!

Once in a while, a vendor's marketing department gets their head out of wherever they keep it normally, and do something excellent.

#opsmanage OpsManage Expo ties things together

There can be only one. Invensys, that is. There is no "Foxboro" booth, no "Wonderware" booth, or any of the other great brands that make up part of Invensys Operations Management, or IOM. And as you walk through the expo, you see that there are applications being talked about: operations,...

#opsmanage How to do a magic trick-- make a DCS vanish and reappear

The biggest drag on Invensys before the Great Reorganization was the fact that they had a 27 year old DCS. Now there's no question that they tried to keep making new revisions, and producing new features, but it was the same vintage as ProVox, the TDC3000 and other systems that...