Bhattacharya Resurrects Invensys-- Invensys Operations Management

Invensys figures it out—Sudipta Bhattacharya on the new ecosystem of Invensys Operations Management

Invensys shares the knowledge-- endows Chair in Kazakhstan!

Invensys endows Chair in Information Technologies in Kazakhstan. Here's the release:

Petrobras adds IPS to the list...gotcha covered!

Between ABB's frame agreement to upgrade all of Petrobras' control systems, and this new agreement between Petrobras and IPS for safety systems and asset management systems, Petrobras is pretty well covered for upgrades to their refineries and oil platforms. When Petrobras is finished with these upgrades, watch out! They'll...

Good news may quash some Invensys rumors

An article published in the Attleboro, Mass., Sun-Chronicle Online for 3/18/2009 says: "A reinvigorated nuclear power industry, long stagnant in the United States, is expected to provide a major lift to Texas-based Invensys Process Systems and bring additional jobs to the company's plant in Foxboro, corporate officials say."