Which rock song has "calibration" in first line of its lyrics?

Can you guess? Think back for a moment or two. It's a few years old now. I always thought it might have been good to blast it through the sound system at the opening of the exhibit halls at ISA Expo or one of the many other tradeshows and user...

ISA Automation Week 2012: Innovation in Orlando

I'm not usually much of a Disney fan. The characters from Snow White onward were fantastic, but they were almost always pure good or all bad. Unfortunately, this black-and-white ethos always seemed kind of flat and artificial, like early Superman or DC comics or Lawrence Welk's robotic performers.

ISA Tackles Intelligent Device Management

ISA has formed a new standards committee, this time to tackle issues around intelligent device management. 

Automation Week 2011

It is Fall here in Canada which can only mean one thing – time to get ready for the annual Conference & Exhibition and of course associated Fall Leader’s Meeting in the days prior to Automation Week.  I will be attending and participating in Automation Week as a speaker on...

Please Save ISA: An Open Letter to Leo Staples

Today, ISA released the official press release announcing the accession of Leo Staples of OGE to the Presidency of ISA. Leo and I go way back as ISA volunteer leaders, and I sent him this before I posted it, so he didn't feel like I was trying to blindside him.