Automation Week 2010

I have just returned from ISA Automation Week in Houston – a radical change in format for the traditional Fall Exhibition and Conference.  Automation Week changed to more closely follow the model of several of the successful Spring symposia run by ISA Divisions with an emphasis on the conference with...

Fall = Convention Season

One sure sign that Fall is arriving, other than the return to school is all the conventions that are scheduled during September through November. The busy season always seems to be the Spring (April through mid-June) and then again this time of year.

ISA Announces This Year's Honors and Awards Recipients

Heartiest congratulations to the automation thought leaders who are the recipients of honors or awards from ISA this year, including Control columnist Greg McMillan and John Gerry, George Cheng and Ian Nimmo.

Conferences & Exhibitions - Learning Opportunities Extraordinaire

As an active member of the ISA Edmonton Section, I participated in the Sections biannual Conference and Exhibition this past week. Being there in person rather than seeking out information via the web, which I often do because of my location not only gave me a chance to meet...

ISA releases new Online Directory of Automation #isa #pauto #ourisa

Ever since the web browser was created, way back in 1993-1994, the paper trade directories have been doomed. They are only updated once a year, they are often out of date or incomplete. ISA has tried before to replace its venerable Directory of Instrumentation with online versions, but they have...

Green Buildings and Automation

ASHRAE recently published a new standard 189.1 for the “Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-rise Residential Buildings” that can be viewed in the java based RealRead Viewer at Of most direct interest to the automation sector is part 7 of the document that deals with Energy Efficiency.

Free Stuff and Safety Info Too

Hey, it doesn't get much better than that. ISA sent this reminder to my email box this morning. Check it out. SIS training and free CDs. Sweet.

Oil Sands Automation Conference 2010

The 7th annual Oil Sands Conference concluded one week ago in Fort McMurray, the heart of the oil sands and it was evident that automation will play a significant factor in the continuing development of this important hydrocarbon resource.

In Search of the Holy Grail: ISA Marketing and Sales Summit v5.0 #pauto #manufacturing #mfg

ISA Marketing and Sales Summit v.5.0

Thinking about taking ISA's CAP exam? Here's something that might move you over the edge on that. #pauto #isa

ISA is offering the CAP study guide free to people who register to take the CAP exam: