Guest blog from Joe Kaulfersch-- and it isn't funny #pauto #isa

Guest blog from Joe Kaulfersch of Pepperl+Fuchs, who is one of the leaders of ISA Cleveland Section. For a little history lesson, Cleveland Section was one of the sections that pre-date ISA.

"Those Whom the Gods Hate, They First Make Mad": ISA kills the standards benefit

I innocently wrote a reply to one of the Ask the Expert questions this morning. I said, "One of the last remaining tangible benefits of ISA membership is the ability to view and download standards, including ISA5 and ISA20 (for personal use only)." Another person on our Ask the Experts...

It's OUR ISA, see...

From fellow ISA insurgent Jon DiPietro:

Not Something About Automation Fair

Don't get me wrong. I'm not dissing Rockwell Automation here. It's just that when we're in the middle of producing show dailies at events such as Automation Fair, we get pretty focused. So I'm taking a break here to see what's happening in the rest of the world.

#ISA Pinto makes his own points about ISA

Reprinted with Jim Pinto's permission from an email to Pat Gouhin, CEO of ISA:

#ISA Jon DiPietro speaks out on the future of ISA

Reprinted by permission of Jon DiPietro:

Yes, I am going to ISA...but...

Okay, all you PR folks who are calling at the last minute trying to find out if I'm going to ISA...yes I am, but I am not making any appointments because I will only be there a day and a half.

Dilbert on industry standards

ISA's Compliance Institutes have been busy.

In a flurry of press releases the last few days, ISA's compliance institutes have been busy.

Out of Control--The Next Technical Society I Want to Join

There are lots of good technical societies that do good work and offer great benefits to members. I'm thinking ISA, WBF, SAE, SME, etc., etc. They're serious and important, and I wouldn't diss any of them for the world.