ISA100.11a-- the final, final votes are in-- and it doesn't call for strict interoperability and interchangeability

Well, it's over. Finally. The ISA100 leadership team is packing the .11a standard up and sending it to the Standards and Practices Board for approval...and then on to ANSI, and maybe to IEC.

Len Moore Receives Richly Deserved Award from ISA-- Honorary Member Award

I am very pleased to report that ISA Honors and Awards Committee has chosen to bestow the Honorary Member award for 2009 on a very shy but highly deserving man. Leonard W. Moore, CEO and Chairman of Moore Industries International has been in the forefront of innovation for automation I/O...

If you can't read a P&ID diagram, you need this self-study course

Friends, based on the questions I get, and some of the posts I see on the various automation websites and email discussion lists and web forums, reading a piping and instrumentation diagram is becoming a lost art.

Saved by the Bell-- exida's look at ISA18.2, the new alarm management standard

We'd like to present Todd Stauffer, of exida, in his first ever podcast. This was produced by exida, and is called "Saved by the Bell: a look at ISA's new standard on alarm management." This podcast reviews ISA18.2 in detail...

It's official-- the US Government says we are a profession! Thank you, ISA!

Through the good offices of Kim Miller Dunn, ISA Past President:

ISA has big win with Congress raising the image of automation in manufacturing

From ISA Past President Kim Miller-Dunn:

Pajamas U


The MES Guide for Executives

I received yesterday a review copy of Bianca Scholten's latest book: MES Guide for Executives: Why and How to Select, Implement, and Maintain a Manufacturing Execution System. It is published by ISA Press. I'm going to read it over the weekend and I'll let you know what I think.

ISA: and here's a case in point...

Now this is more along the lines of things that ISA should be doing-- raising the awareness of folks both in North America and in Europe about the Automation Competency Model they've been working on with the U.S. Department of Labor: