ABB urges Smart Grid Standards...but where is ISA?

In the gold rush to Smart Grid, it's easy to get left out. In the last several major press releases about Smart Grid I've seen, one standards body has been conspicuous by its absence. That, of course would be ISA.

A very great man passes - Vernon Trevathan died Sunday in St. Louis

It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of my friend Vernon Trevathan. Vernon (who hated to be called Vern) died Sunday in St. Louis, Mo. Here is the message that was sent to the ISA Executive Board, where Vernon was Vice President of the Professional Development Department.

An Evening with Doctor Flowmeter

ISA Will-DuPage Section 2009 May Meeting NoticeTopic: An Evening with Dr. FlowmeterJoin Walt Boyes from Control Magazine as the doctor heals your flow measurement ills. Bring a difficult flow problem from your plant and see if you can stump the doctor!

Breaking news: ISA100.11a draft standard approved!

As expected, the ISA100 standard committee yesterday voted in favor of the draft ISA100.11a. Now it must go to the Standards and Practices Board at ISA for approval, and then to ANSI before it is an officially recognized standard.

ISA Does the Right Thing

Our own Walt Boyes, editor-in-chief of Control, has been one of ISA’s staunchest critics over the years. Always with good intent, Boyes has pointed out flaws in ISA and suggested ways in which they could improve.  

Local Shows Strong

Your corporate folks don't want you spending T&E money just now, but you want to keep up with automation training and networking. What to do?

Support your local standards organization...they make our lives easier

I received a news release from Tom Clary at Invensys this morning that got me thinking. It announced that IPS was hosting the ISA95 standard meetings next week:

Tasks for the Day After the Inauguration

Okay. I'll admit it. It's going to be hard to keep focus today, what with all the excitement going on in Washington. I want to be in on the party too, if only vicariously. But I'm going to leave it to my betters to batter the ears of the...

More from ISA100

We're listening to four special interest sessions:

WBF postpones conference, begins repositioning

WBF Postpones 2009 North America Conference, Begins Repositioning