Monday Morning Mail

Amid the post-weekend deluge of email offering me fake doctorates, dodgy drugs and opportunities to make easy money (Ri-i-i-i-ght!), the following bits of far more useful information popped up. 

Isn't anybody talking to each other??

I just received a press release from IEEE, calling itself "the driving force behind changing the perception of math and science-based careers." Funny, because I just spent two days at ISA with Executive Director Pat Gouhin and Automation Federation Chairman Steve Huffman, and they are "the global voice of...

Dueling open letters...

 I knew that Dieter Schaudel's message would be controversial. I didn't think the messenger would get shot as bad as I've been over this weekend.

An Open Letter to the ISA President...

No, it isn't from me. It is from Dieter Schaudel, who until his retirement in June was Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer, and a member of the Executive Committee of Endress+Hauser.

The International Society of Automation

I am also very pleased to report that yesterday the ISA Council of Society Delegates voted overwhelmingly to change the official name of the society to the International Society of Automation.

Dick Morley does a Fireside Chat at ISA Expo

From Jennifer Infantino's press release:

The Inter GALACTIC Society of Automation

ISA President Kim Miller-Dunn has sent an open letter to every ISA member she could find asking for their support of the proposed name change from ISA, the Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society to the International Society of Automation.

ISA takes position on wireless network symbology

Thanks to Tom McAvinew and Al Iverson of the ISA Standards and Practices Board for responding to my challenge to come up with how to deal with industrial wireless networks using the ISA standards for documentation and design drafting for instrumentation systems.

WirelessHART wins IEC ballot-- now IEC/PAS 62591 Ed. 1

65C/506A/PAS Project: IEC/PAS 62591 Ed.1 IEC/PAS 62591: Industrial communication networks - Fieldbus spec