But where's the OTHER wireless press release?

You know, the one where ISA and the HCF jointly announce that WirelessHART is going to become part of the ISA100.11a standard? The one that announces the end to the wireless war? Why haven't we seen that one? We know there's a deal. I have described it in this blog.

Just to keep us all honest, HCF brings out the elephant guns again.

Last week, as this blog reported, those responsible for way, way more than 50% of the revenue of the entire automation industry trooped into the SP100 meeting and made their feelings known. Whether it was because of them, or despite them, we arrived at a consensus compromise.

ISA's attendance breakdown

Jennifer Infantino reports the following breakdown for attendance at last week's ISA Expo2007: 12,000 total attendees, of whom 8500 were non-exhibitor attendees, and 215 were YAPs, those who identified themselves as "young automation professionals." That's really good attendance. I believe it is more than last year.

ISA, MIMOSA, OAGi, OPC and WBF establish OpenO&M

From the release: ISA, MIMOSA, OAGi, OPC, and WBF Join Forces to Establish OpenO&M Research Triangle Park, NC (9 October 2007) -- ISA, MIMOSA, the OPC Foundation, the Open Applications Group Inc., and WBF have established OpenO&M, a cooperative forum where members can work together to solve automation challenges through...

ISA is running a contest! Wanna win an iPOD? Do you have a cool job?

Jennifer Infantino, ISA's indefatigable and highly competent PR counsel, asked me to publicize this, which I am happy to do. If you are the proud owner of what you think is a really cool job, ISA wants you to tell them about it.

A profession in transition: Steve Huffman and the angst of the word "automation"

The unexpected rebuff of the ISA Executive Board by the Council of Society Delegates perhaps should not have been unexpected at all. The fact is, the entire profession is in transition. Those of us who grew up on the field instrumentation and control systems side of the process industries are...

One last thing from the SP100 closing's the deal...

At the SP100 Closing Plenary, SP100 co-chair Wayne Manges announced the compromise to include the WirelessHART specification into ISA10.11a as "inclusion by accommodation in Release 1," using a dual network, single gateway model, and considering interchangeability in Release 2. "Unless," he clarified, "there are technical reasons why interchangeability is not possible.

ISA launches ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute

"We have decided to launch what we're calling the development phase of the compliance institute," said ISA's Chip Lee. The ISA100 Wireless Compliance institute will facilitate the development of and compliance with ISA100.11a. This will run in parallel with the development of the standard itself, and create a test specification...

ISCI jumps in with first product: distributes CS2SAT for DHS

From the release: ISA FINALIZING DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE CYBER SECURITY TOOL   Houston, Texas (2 October 2007) - ISA announced today that it is nearing completion of a non-exclusive licensing agreement to distribute and market the Control Systems Cyber Security Self Assessment Tool (CS2SAT) through the ISA Security...

ISA's proposed name change rebuffed

In a startling and (by me, at least) unexpected development, the ISA Council of Society Delegates yesterday voted down a proposal that had unanimously passed the ISA Executive Board to change the name of the society from a TLA (three letter acronym) ISA with a tagline, The Instrumentation, Systems and...