Nivis Changes Industrial Wireless Game

Nivis, announced that they are now providing the source code for their ISA100.11a and WirelessHART software platforms which will certainly encourage the development of products of both protocols. Reading the press release further of which I have passed the relevant part below, it appears the business model...

Field Level Sensor Network Seminar

WINA are sponsoring a Webinar: “A Winning Strategy for the Global Industrial Wireless Trifecta” Tuesday, February 26 at 10:00 ET that might help you better understand the challenges and benefits of mixing wireless field sensor networks.  The presenters are Robert Assimiti, and Rares Ivan, of Nivis developers of several radio...

“Proprietary” wireless works too.

A number of manufacturers make field sensor networks that use protocols other than WirelessHART or ISA100.11a and in fact have been on the market for a number of years and in a wide range of form factors.

ISA100.11a Generic Client Interface Interoperability Test

The ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute (WCI) announced the November 13, 2012 completion of the interoperability trial to verify its Generic Client Interface (GCI) specification. The GCI is an important component of the ISA100.11a architecture as it defines many of the requirements for ANSI/ISA-100.11a based gateways.

Oil Sands Automation 2012

The ISA Edmonton Section has just finished hosting the 9th annual Oil Sands Automation conference in Fort McMurray and as the tag line on the program states – still the only oil sands focused conference hosted in the oil sands.

ISA announces WCI-certified ISA100.11a field devices... But which standard? #pauto #ISA #wireless

ISA announced a couple of days ago that a whole group of Honeywell and Yokogawa instruments and devices had completed WCI-compliance testing and were now certified ISA100.11a devices. That's cool.

Honeywell Announces a More Flexible Wireless Network Option

This announcement came out of the Honeywell Users Group conference in Phoenix this morning.

ISA100.11a-- the final, final votes are in-- and it doesn't call for strict interoperability and interchangeability

Well, it's over. Finally. The ISA100 leadership team is packing the .11a standard up and sending it to the Standards and Practices Board for approval...and then on to ANSI, and maybe to IEC.

Wireless-- something interesting from Nivis! Or is it?

I've just received the following press release from Nivis. I'm going to let the release speak for itself, but after you've read it, read down for some commentary and some questions the release raises.

Wurldtech expands into wireless network security

New press release from Wurldtech signals a movement into wireless network security as well as wired network security: