WirelessHART-- it's not just for Emerson anymore!

As the ISA100.11a draft standard nears approval, the chorus of vendors committed to WirelessHART, at least for now, continues to swell. Last month, at Interkama, ELPRO Technologies, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Pepperl+Fuchs and MACTek all launched WirelessHART products.

Don't you dare count ZigBee out of industrial wireless sensor networks!

And further to the idea that there WILL be multiple wireless standards used in the industrial plant environment, here's a press release from the ZigBee folks that clearly plants them in the race for wireless sensor networks, not only in the process plant, not only in the discrete plant...

Breaking news: ISA100.11a draft standard approved!

As expected, the ISA100 standard committee yesterday voted in favor of the draft ISA100.11a. Now it must go to the Standards and Practices Board at ISA for approval, and then to ANSI before it is an officially recognized standard.

VDC data supports contrarian view of wireless adoption

In a new report just released, industry analyst firm VDC says that while 802.11 usage will grow from $168 Million to $543.9 Million by 2012, and proprietary field networks will grow from $111.2 to $273.7 Million, standards based field networks like WirelessHART, Zigbee and ISA100.11a will only grow from...

WCI gets help from NIST to prove ISA100.11a works

From the press release from the Automation Standards Compliance Institute, an ISA company:

Wireless Sanity Prevails--ISA100.11a D2 ballot fails

The ballot for the current draft of ISA100.11a failed of receiving its required two-thirds majority to pass. The draft will be returned to the Working Group, along with the comments received, and we will do another round.

How do end users REALLY feel about wireless interoperability? Let's ask!

Since it is clear that the current draft of ISA100.11a is incompatible with WirelessHART (already an IEC Publically Available Specification, and headed to being an IEC standard shortly), I've been wondering what the end user community thinks about this.

New whitepaper on the use of mesh networking in ISA100.11a Draft 2

A new white paper on the uses of mesh networking in ISA100.11a Draft 2 has been posted in the white paper library. Read the white paper:

IF ISA100.11a isn't interoperable, why are we going to vote to release it?

I have become very worried, after reading the ISA100.11a proposed standard draft that is currently out for ballot.