WirelessHART wins IEC ballot-- now IEC/PAS 62591 Ed. 1

65C/506A/PAS Project: IEC/PAS 62591 Ed.1 IEC/PAS 62591: Industrial communication networks - Fieldbus spec

Can we be even more obvious, ISA? This is embarrassing a fine institution!

First, the ISA100 leadership rushes out a draft standard after the editorial team "handles" over 2000 technical comments in less than 98 days (including weekends and holidays).

ISA18 gets ready to do one final draft review prior to committee ballot

Here's a press release from ISA... and a question from me afterwards...

My August editorial on wireless -- listen to the audio preview

I am sure this will anger some people, but I also think others will be moving their heads up and down, and others might even be cheering me on. Somebody has to say these things, or the situation will never improve. ...


ISA100 Standards Committee Forms WirelessHART Convergence Subcommittee

ISA just released the following carefully crafted press release. It announces the creation of a WirelessHART Convergence Subcommittee. The ISA100 standards committee on wireless systems for automation has created a new subcommittee to address options for convergence of the ISA100.11a and WirelessHART standards.  This initiative is a key step in...

ISA's Wireless Compliance Institute Says They Are Making Progress

ISA released another press release yesterday in the run-up to the current draft ballot comment period for the ISA100.11a draft standard. Even though the .11a Working Group has many months of work to go to produce a buildable standard, and there may not be enough votes to pass the standard...

ISA100.11a Working Group Releases Preliminary Ballot

Below you will find, unedited, the text of a press release put out by ISA, announcing that the .11a Working Group has put out a preliminary ballot on the wireless standard they've been working on. It is extremely important when reading this press release to try to put it into context.

Fieldbus Foundation Speaks Out on Wireless WAR

I received this letter from Rich Timoney, President and CEO of the Fieldbus Foundation. It was sent to all the voting members of ISA100. It speaks for itself.

Okay, here we go again--FUD and non-FUD from the Wireless WAR

I haven't been posting much about the ongoing Wireless War. There are significant reasons for this, including the fact that I am a working and voting member of ISA100, and chose to do as much as I could within the committee. Recently, this incredibly disfunctional committee became even more so.