All Rocks Go to Heaven

[img_assist|nid=2523|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=146|height=233]The first one says, "All dogs go to heaven." 

Wireless Sanity Prevails--ISA100.11a D2 ballot fails

The ballot for the current draft of ISA100.11a failed of receiving its required two-thirds majority to pass. The draft will be returned to the Working Group, along with the comments received, and we will do another round.

How do end users REALLY feel about wireless interoperability? Let's ask!

Since it is clear that the current draft of ISA100.11a is incompatible with WirelessHART (already an IEC Publically Available Specification, and headed to being an IEC standard shortly), I've been wondering what the end user community thinks about this.

New whitepaper on the use of mesh networking in ISA100.11a Draft 2

A new white paper on the uses of mesh networking in ISA100.11a Draft 2 has been posted in the white paper library. Read the white paper:

ISA takes position on wireless network symbology

Thanks to Tom McAvinew and Al Iverson of the ISA Standards and Practices Board for responding to my challenge to come up with how to deal with industrial wireless networks using the ISA standards for documentation and design drafting for instrumentation systems.

WirelessHART wins IEC ballot-- now IEC/PAS 62591 Ed. 1

65C/506A/PAS Project: IEC/PAS 62591 Ed.1 IEC/PAS 62591: Industrial communication networks - Fieldbus spec

Can we be even more obvious, ISA? This is embarrassing a fine institution!

First, the ISA100 leadership rushes out a draft standard after the editorial team "handles" over 2000 technical comments in less than 98 days (including weekends and holidays).

ISA18 gets ready to do one final draft review prior to committee ballot

Here's a press release from ISA... and a question from me afterwards...