Is There a Potential for a Manufacturing Software Productivity Stepchange?

So why do I think we are potentially on the cusp of a integration breakthrough in manufacturing?

Dilbert on industry standards

Support your local standards organization...they make our lives easier

I received a news release from Tom Clary at Invensys this morning that got me thinking. It announced that IPS was hosting the ISA95 standard meetings next week:

WBF postpones conference, begins repositioning

WBF Postpones 2009 North America Conference, Begins Repositioning

ISA pays attention to its two best known standards

From the press release: ISA Publishes Technical Report on Using ISA88 and ISA95 Together. Research Triangle Park, NC (31 July 2008) - ISA88, the Batch Control Systems standards committee, has completed a technical report on using its standards with the ISA95 Enterprise/Control System Integration standards.

An important announcement from WBF and OMAC

This is Walt Boyes, hijacking the good ship "Hitchhiking..." for a moment to pass on an important announcement from WBF and OMAC: The WBF Working Group Committee would like your help to advance automation across industries, yourcareer, and your company! The Committee sponsors work groups that will develop a deliverable...