Protect the Grid SmartGrid Initiative

I recently read in Power Magazine ( that EPRI is launching the Security and Privacy Initiative, a collaborative effort to investigate cyber security standards, business processes, and technologies to protect the electric grid.

Just Because We Can

Because you can, does not always mean you should and knowing when is the difference between being an automation professional and one of the “great unwashed.”

Dilbert on industry standards

We don't got to show you no steenkin' critical assets!

[img_assist|nid=2886|title=US Power Plants|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=480|height=310]It makes you wonder, doesn't it, how the electric utilities can have so few critical assets. I would think that most of those big splotches of red in the Southeastern United States where there are so many power plants that the resolution of the map can't show...

ISA99.02.01 cyber security standard approved by ANSI, submitted to IEC

ISA99.02.01 was approved by ANSI as an American National Standard on 13 January 2009. It has now been submitted to IEC65 WG10 for the IEC process. Individuals who are members of ISA may download the standard at no charge for your individual use.

Support your local standards organization...they make our lives easier

I received a news release from Tom Clary at Invensys this morning that got me thinking. It announced that IPS was hosting the ISA95 standard meetings next week:

Protecting Our Assets-- November Special Issue

I announced a while back that we would be tearing up the editorial calendar and making the November issue a special issue with a single theme: critical infrastructure protection.

Get ready for more chaos!

"FEMA is planning for a voluntary preparedness accreditation and certification program mandated by Title IX of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007. They intend to establish a common set of criteria for private sector preparedness, including disaster management, emergency management, and business continuity programs. The goal of this voluntary program...

Listen up Cyber-folks

Congressman James Langevin, (D) Rhode Island, keynotes the ACS Cybersecurity Conference: ...