ISA's Compliance Institutes have been busy.

In a flurry of press releases the last few days, ISA's compliance institutes have been busy.

Listen up Cyber-folks

Congressman James Langevin, (D) Rhode Island, keynotes the ACS Cybersecurity Conference: ...

The Last Day: Joe Weiss Talks About Cyber-Deaths at Yokogawa Tech Fair

Cyber Does Affect Automation Devices Until 2000, my job was engineering agile and usable control systems. That meant vulnerable control systems,” said Joe Weiss, principal of Applied Control Solutions and founder of the Real-Time Cyber Security Conference. “Security and performance are generally in conflict.

CIA says cyber attacks are it FUD or not?

Several people, including a thread on the A-List at have taken notice of the CIA disclosure at SANS last week and have been asking about the veracity of the report. I posted the following, earlier today, on the A-List.

Wurldtech joins ISCI

From the release... Wurldtech Security Technologies, a leading provider of cyber-security solutions to SCADA, process-control and critical infrastructure industries worldwide, is proud to announce it has become a Technical Member of the ISA Security Compliance Institute, an organization of industrial technology vendors and end-users dedicated to establishing specifications and processes...

Industrial Defender and US Pat. No. 7,246,156

As the industry is still reeling from the onslaught of patent trolls over the past few years, when Industrial Defender (who most of us are still having trouble not calling "Verano" or even HP RTAP) revealed that they had been awarded a significant cybersecurity patent, the immediate reaction of most...

Control's Joe Weiss testifies before Congress

 Weiss says. In direct, honest and riveting testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security, Control's "other blogger" Joe Weiss yesterday hammered NERC, FERC and called NERC's attitude toward cybersecurity "alarming at best and negligent at worst," while he recommended that ISA be given responsi...

ISCI jumps in with first product: distributes CS2SAT for DHS

From the release: ISA FINALIZING DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE CYBER SECURITY TOOL   Houston, Texas (2 October 2007) - ISA announced today that it is nearing completion of a non-exclusive licensing agreement to distribute and market the Control Systems Cyber Security Self Assessment Tool (CS2SAT) through the ISA Security...

The Surfers do their homework: Tofino MUSIC certified

Announced yesterday by Eric Byres of Byres Security and Ian Verhappen, of MTL, in a joint press release, the Tofino Industrial Security Suite today is reported to be MUSIC certified by MU Security. From the release: TOFINO SECURITY SYSTEM GAINS MU SECURITY INDUSTRIAL CONTROL CERTIFICATION   First Byres Security and...

Siemens joins ISCI security compliance institute

Siemens added to the parade of large vendors willing to ante up a fair chunk of dollars to help found the ISA Security Compliance Institute, the third party standards compliance project originally conceived by Johann Nye of ExxonMobil.