Machinery Safety Standards Survey

Consistent with the globalization of products, similar trends are happening in the world of standards, where standards are being harmonized across boundaries through organizations such as IEC and ISO but also between these two organizations as well.

PAS 55: Part of your future?

Publicly Available Specification 55 is presently with the IEC in the ISO 5500n series of standards. The resulting standards will be similar to the ISO 9000 or 14000 series that have been widely adopted. PAS 55 addresses Asset Management.

Asset Management – Using Smart Sensors in a smart way

The majority of new electronic field devices being installed today all have some form diagnostics capability and most of those also have some way of communicating their overall general health to another system that can make use of this information to improve overall plant reliability.

NIST & end users must bring STEP & OPEN O&M together

Hello All. Sorry for long gap. Today I want to discuss ISO 10303, the standard for the exchange of product (STEP) model data, and how ISO and the OPEN Operations and Maintenance (Open O&M) are not working together, but must do so.

ISO issues new SI units guide-- with a brand new unit!

ISO has just published a new version of the SI Guide, a small manual for the use of the SI, the International System of Units (Système International d’Unités). The SI is a comprehensive metric and decimal system based on units and derived units. The seven base units are: len...

ISO/IEC ratifies Open XML after all...

David Mitchell, SVP IT Research at Ovum, comments on: The Open XML standards decision   It emerged yesterday that ISO/IEC DIS 29500 should gain formal ratification as an ISO standard for documents, following the Ballot Resolution Process (BRM) meeting. This reverses the previous rejection of the standard in September 2007.